Collaborate with your vendors.

Invite your vendors to the platform so that they can input important payment information, upload contracts and tax documents, and track payments.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

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Invite your vendors to Airbase.

Airbase’s list of vendors and their payment details makes inviting them easy. Simply locate them on the list, specify the payment method, and an email will be sent to them to invite them to onboard.

If a vendor is not already on our list, you can create a new vendor, and they’ll be sent an invitation with instructions on how to onboard.

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vendor security

Added security.

When your vendors manage their details through our Vendor Portal, you don’t have to worry whether that email requesting an update of account details is valid or not.

You’ll receive notifications whenever a vendor’s account details are updated by someone on your team. Better visibility to create a more secure payments environment.

Vendors can:

Add/update payment details.
Send invoices through the portal.
Track payment status.
Receive notices of new invoice payments.
Upload documents.

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“We’re looking to eliminate a monthly close and move to a rolling close. A system like Airbase is a prerequisite to adopting this forward-thinking approach to finance.”

Dmitri Litin, Controller at AspireIQ

Learn how Airbase’s payables system will delight you and your vendors.