Accelerate AP automation and drive purchasing efficiency.

Screenshot of automated bill creation and 3-way match

Increase efficiency and reduce financial risk for purchasing goods by performing 3-way matching of invoices in Airbase against purchase orders and item receipts synced from NetSuite.

Screenshot of 3-way match in Airbase
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Automatic invoice processing.

Airbase uses AI-based OCR technology to seamlessly extract critical data from incoming invoices and highlight areas you need to check, allowing you to speed up bill creation, reduce errors, and process payments faster.
Screenshot of automated 3-way match in Airbase
Screenshot of matching against NetSuite POs and receipts

Match against NetSuite POs and receipts.

Create a bill only after 3-way matching the PO and receipts synced from NetSuite against the invoice you received in Airbase, ensuring you don’t overpay for goods.

Exception handling for invoices.

No more spending days trying to clear up price differences between purchasing-related documents. Set rules for handling exceptions that allow you to bill more than the received quantity or dollar amount — lowering your operational costs and helping you get back to more value-added tasks.

Screenshot of Exception handling for invoices.
Screenshot of PO in NetSuite

Meet SOX compliance requirements.

Maintaining a single and accurate view in the GL has never been easier. Give auditors approved and matched documents with a clear and consistent audit trail, from request to payment, in NetSuite — helping you meet SOX compliance requirements. 

Let us show you how we help you build a full audit trail for all spend.