Airbase Spend Management

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Airbase has the fastest pace of innovation in the spend management category.
Here’s where you can find our monthly updates.

September 2021

  • Reimbursements Mobile App Support.
  • Delegation for Reimbursements.
  • Reimbursements Summary via Slack Commands.
  • Advanced Approvals enhancements for bills.
  • Accrual Projections with Filters.

August 2021

  • Multi-Subsidiary & Multi-Currency Support.
  • Single Sign-On with OneLogin.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Integration.
  • Match purchase orders with bills.
  • Change purchase order amounts.

July 2021

  • Advanced approvals for bills.
  • Option to export reimbursements.
  • Add users without invitation.
  • OCR improvements for Bill Payments.
  • Receipt instant auto-matching.

June 2021

  • Change posting period for a bill (NetSuite).
  • Reimbursements weekly email notifications.
  • Archive incomplete reimbursement requests.
  • GL number identification on purchase orders and bills.

May 2021

  • Advanced approvals for reimbursements.
  • Approver notification batching for reimbursements.
  • Lifetime budget setting for reimbursements.
  • Delegation support in Receipt Inbox.
  • Purchase orders: Slack notifications and information automatically added to bills on matching.

April 2021

  • International Vendor Payments with local currency and USD payment options.
  • Advanced User Management with Okta & Rippling HRIS integrations.
  • OCR for Reimbursements speeds up personal expense submission.
  • User Notification Controls provide flexibility in how, when, and where users receive notifications.
  • Purchase Order advances, including accrual projections, approval workflows, and PO editing.

March 2021

  • Employee expense Reimbursements.
  • Split card transactions by GL code and amount.
  • Preferred payment method for Vendors.
  • Bulk mark bills as ‘paid outside of Airbase.’
  • Increased control through SSO settings that enable or disable login options.

February 2021

  • Advanced Approvals: Rule-based approvals that include sequential and parallel approval options for any or all group members.
  • NetSuite Custom Fields support for Virtual Card spend requests.
  • Receipt compliance settings for monthly/annual Virtual Card transactions.
  • Amortization enhancements bring greater control to GL prepayment postings.
  • Reporting additions: Spend by category, transactions paid outside of Airbase.

January 2021

  • Purchase Orders.
  • Vendor enhancements for 1099s.
  • Support for projects in Intacct.
  • Increased options for users with Manage Bills permissions.

December 2020

  • AP can pay bills using Virtual Cards, with cash back.
  • Receipts Inbox.
  • Okta Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • New Bill Payments settings.
  • Operational fees.

September 2020

  • Delegated Access.
  • Recurring Bill Payments.
  • Vendor Credits.
  • Aging Reports.

July 2020

  • New Homepage dashboard.
  • Bill Payments page updates.
  • Requests page updates.

June 2020

  • All Transactions Report.
  • Split Bill Payments amount by category.
  • Auto-fill invoices with OCR.
  • ACH Transfer updates.
  • Vendor Details page updates.

May 2020

  • Auto-categorization for Physical Cards.
  • Spend Owners can set Categories and Tags for Virtual Card transactions.
  • Paid outside of Airbase.
  • New Filter for Physical Card Transactions.
  • Additional Filters in Ledger Entries.