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Airbase: Advanced, flexible, scalable solution.

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The problem we solve.

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Airbase replaces a complicated process, messy financial stack, and manual workflows with a single automated spend management platform. Airbase is designed to give maximum visibility and control so that company purchasing is safe, easy, and efficient. By automating workflows, you’ll free up the valuable time of finance and accounting teams to focus on value-added strategic work.

Who we solve it for.

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Airbase solves problems, large and small, for anyone impacted by company spending — accounting and finance teams, budget owners, employees, leadership, partners, and vendors. Airbase supports remote teams, international teams, teams who work in the office, and vendors, both domestic and foreign. Its depth and breadth of features can scale from mid-market to enterprise-level companies. And, we can solve the spend management problem for you too.

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How we solve it better than anyone else.

Airbase spend management helps you move toward a continuous close.

Airbase does the job of the many point solutions commonly relied on to pay vendors, manage card spending, reimburse employees, and more. But, because Airbase does it all, Airbase does it better. It standardizes practices, eliminates reconciliations, creates a complete audit trail, and forms a single source of truth for all company spend.

Designed to scale.

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Our packages provide you with the features and functionality you need today with options to add as you grow in size and complexity. Get the solution that works for you.

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The beauty of a fully automated platform solution:

How we do it.


Consolidate card spend, purchase orders, simple invoices, or expense reimbursements.
Consistent visibility into all non-payroll spend.
One command and control center to make payments by check, ACH, card, international wire, or vendor credits.
Reduces processing costs and lets AP optimize for cash back.
Set expense policies with rules the system will enforce.
Ensures and records compliance without expecting colleagues to monitor.
All employees request spending or reimbursement via simple (or complex if needed) workflows.
Automatically route requests to appropriate approver(s).
Automatic formation of audit trail.
Documentation easily retrievable for audits or other needs.
Automates bill creation, categorization, payment scheduling, accruals, amortizations.
Free up valuable time and eliminate errors.
All non-payroll spend syncs directly to the GL.
Faster close and real-time data for better decision-making.
Visibility and control before, during, and after spending occurs.
Promote a healthy spend culture and better budget management.

Platform features extend across all products, and include:

  • Automated approval workflows
  • Automatic GL sync
  • Real-time reporting
  • Notifications via web, email, mobile app, and Slack
  • Mobile app
  • Full audit trail of supporting documents

Unlike other spend management systems, each of Airbase’s products has the breadth and depth to rival point solution alternatives.

Bill payments.
Invoice Ingestion & OCR
Invoice Inbox
Simple bill creation
PO matching
Payment scheduling
Domestic and international payment support with multiple payment types: ACH, check, wire transfer, virtual cards with cash back
Create recurring bills
Vendor payment history
Vendor portal
Search, setup, W-9 capture for vendors
Report of 1099 vendors
Search, setup of vendors
Vendor invoice upload
Payment visibility for vendors
Email audit trail for tracking of invoice related actions
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Corporate cards.
Physical cards with cash back
Unlimited virtual cards with cash back
Card features include:
Set spend limits based on amount, time period, and number of transactions
One-time and recurring virtual cards
Vendor-specific virtual cards
Google Pay and Apple Pay support
Auto card lock settings
Simple receipt upload
Receipt compliance settings
Subscription management
Duplicate subscription checking assistance
Virtual card expirations to avoid auto-renewals
Subscription renewal and duplication warnings
Automatic fraud detection
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Employee reimbursements.
Real-time reimbursement requests
Powerful rule-based reimbursement policy controls
Blocking and warning policies for hard or soft policy compliance
Clear policy visibility for employees
Receipt compliance settings
Receipt inbox
Simple receipt upload
Automated payments
Real-time reimbursement status
for employees and approvers
Same-day expense processing
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Off the Ledger:

Finance & Accounting Slack Group.

Airbase supports an active and growing community on Slack called Off the Ledger. It’s a protected no-sales zone and a great forum for asking questions, providing insights, and posting jobs to a group of vetted finance pros.

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