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The problem we solve.

Airbase replaces a complicated process, messy financial stack, and manual workflows with a single, automated spend management platform. Airbase gives maximum visibility and control so that company purchasing is safe, easy, and efficient. By automating workflows, you’ll free up finance and accounting teams, cut your time-to-close, provide better data for decision-makers, and give all employees a purchasing process they love.

The problem we solve.
Who we solve it for

Who we solve it for.

Airbase solves problems, large and small, for anyone impacted by company spending — accounting and finance teams, budget owners, employees, leadership, partners, and vendors. Airbase supports remote teams, international teams, teams who work in the office, and vendors, both domestic and international. Its depth and breadth of features can scale from mid-market to enterprise-level companies. And, we can solve the spend management problem for you too.

How we solve it better than anyone else.

Airbase does the job of the many point solutions commonly relied on to pay vendors, manage card spending, reimburse employees, and more. But, because Airbase does it all, Airbase does it better. It standardizes practices, eliminates reconciliations, creates a complete audit trail, and forms a single source of truth for all company spend. It allows companies to delay an arduous implementation of expensive procure-to-pay software with an out-of-the-box solution that is still highly configurable. Airbase ranks #1 in Spend Management on G2 based on verified user reviews.

How we solve it better than anyone else

Designed to scale.

Our packages provide you with the features and functionality you need today with options to add as you grow in size and complexity. Get the solution that works to support your success.

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The beauty of a fully automated platform solution.

Consistent visibility into all non-payroll spend.

How we do it

Consolidate card spend, traditional AP, and expense reimbursements.

Reduce processing costs and optimize for cash back.

How we do it

One command and control center to make payments by check, ACH, card, international wire, or vendor credits.

Let the system ensure and record compliance.

How we do it

Set expense policies with rules the system will enforce.

Automatically route requests to appropriate approver(s).

How we do it

Consistent workflows for all employees anywhere in the world to request spending whether on a card, raising a PO, or seeking reimbursement.

Easily retrieve documentation for audits or other needs.

How we do it

Automatically form an audit trail for every transaction.

Free up valuable time and eliminate errors.

How we do it

Automatic bill creation, categorization, payment scheduling, accruals, and amortizations.

Faster close and real-time data for better decision-making.

How we do it

All non-payroll spend syncs directly to the GL

A healthy spend culture and better budget management.

How we do it

Visibility and control before, during, and after any spending occurs.


The Definitive Guide to Spend Management

A deep dive into spend management, how it works and the benefits that it offers.

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Finance & accounting Slack group.


Finance & accounting Slack group.

Airbase supports an active and growing community on Slack called Off the Ledger. It’s a protected no-sales zone and a great forum for asking questions, providing insights, and posting jobs to a group of vetted finance pros.

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Consolidate card payments, bill payments, and reimbursements on one system.