Partners: Slack

The convenience of Slack

Rapid fire Slack communication is a great way for your team to stay on top of requests, approvals, and tracking of purchases.

airbase + Slack

Airbase tasks done in Slack.

Admins may approve, decline, or archive spend requests.
Users get a status update on whether a subscription is approved or declined.
Users receive a notification if a card is declined by a vendor.
*Only existing customers can Install the Airbase app in Slack. Customers can simply login and we will connect the apps automatically.
If you're not an Airbase customer, request for a demo.

Our users love the new integration

It makes life easier.

Now, more than ever, the flow of your day is played out on Slack.

That’s why we’ve brought your most frequently used spend management tools right into Slack. 

Keep your business moving and benefit from the oversight that Airbase provides throughout your day. 

Payment request in Slack

For the full suite of spend management tools, you’ll love logging in to our platform.

Check out everything you can do from one convenient base of operation.