Purchase Orders

Advanced PO support: Unite payments and accounting.

Create purchase orders in Airbase.

The Airbase platform is a full accounts payable solution, including support for invoiced payments that use a purchase order.

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Purchase order requests.

Easy flows to request a purchase order.

Requesting a PO, aka purchase requisition, follows the same automated routines as all other expense request workflows. The request is routed to the appropriate approvers based on company policies. The requester simply notes that there will be a PO associated with the transaction and gives details for sharing with the vendor.

Create a bill from an invoice and match to a PO.

Creating a bill and matching against POs.

Easily attach an invoice to the transaction file, and our optical character recognition (OCR) technology will capture the transaction details.

Once an invoice is uploaded, it will create a bill that is matched against the PO.

All documents and contracts in one place.

Graphic displaying how all documents and contracts are housed within Airbase.

Airbase provides a transaction file from the moment a request for a PO is made, and all documents and contracts associated with the transaction are filed together for easy retrieval.

Purchase orders are integrated into your spend management system.

Tracking of open POs.

Stay on top of your open POs with our Open Purchase Orders report, filtered to meet your needs.

“It’s huge that we can do purchase orders and card transactions from the same place – it saves us time and removes friction from our operations.”
Dmitri Litin
Controller at AspireIQ

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