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Set an amortization schedule.

Setting up the schedule and recording amortized payments have never been easier.

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Amortize virtual card payments.

Amortization using virtual card payments.

Amortize check and ACH payments.

Amortization for bill payments using check or ACH.

Generate and track a schedule.

Pull reports to track an amortization schedule.

Simply enter a start and end date, and Airbase will generate the full amortization schedule.

Booking details are displayed with the total amount split equally in each time period and can be automatically synced to the GL. Keep track of all the pending entries in Airbase and eliminate spreadsheets.

Sync amortized payments to the GL.

Automatic syncing to the GL.

Airbase initially records the amount paid against the pre-payment account. At the end of each month, entries are automatically created to record the monthly expense amortization.

Track schedule.

Pull reports to track an amortization schedule.

View in Airbase to keep track of all the pending entries for the amortized expense. Finally, eliminate spreadsheets for manual tracking of amortizations.

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For NetSuite GLs.

Create a complex amortization schedule in NetSuite.

Airbase integrates with the native NetSuite amortization feature, so you can leverage a broad range of amortization schedules and structures. Airbase works in conjunction with NetSuite’s library of templates to support even your most complex amortization needs.

Daryl Allen, Senior Director of Finance at Gremlin
“Airbase has helped my lean team of two to create efficiencies in bill payments and expense management. Having these functions managed within the same easy to use tool has helped reduced the back and forth we experienced when they were separate, and it’s easier to explain processes to the rest of the company. Amortization schedules/entries have in particular been a big time-saver.”
Daryl Allen
Senior Director of Finance at Gremlin

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