The Definitive Guide to Corporate Card Programs

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What you’ll get:

  • A list of questions to ask about your company before deciding on a corporate card program.
  • An exploration of how software-enabled corporate cards have changed the card landscape.
  • A breakdown of the benefits of using a corporate card program over other payment methods.
  • A chart comparing the features available with several modern corporate card programs.

What you’ll find in this ebook:

This guide serves as an introduction to the different types of card programs and how to select the best one for your business. Explore the features you may want in your corporate card program, including software-enabled cards, card approval processes, automated receipt compliance, and integrations with general ledgers and ERP software.

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Software-enabled corporate card programs — whether they consist of credit cards, charge cards, virtual cards, pre-funded cards, or a mix of these — have become the preferred method of empowering decentralized spending at companies of all sizes.

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From plastic rectangles to software products: Your corporate card choices have radically changed.

Corporate cards are cards created to spend company money, regardless of their funding method. In recent years, software-enabled cards have made cards an even more rewarding payment method.

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Benefits of software-enabled corporate cards.

Corporate cards can now be software-enabled, allowing for benefits such as advanced approvals, real-time visibility into spend, integration with general ledgers, and more.

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Choosing the right corporate card program for your company.

We offer a list of tough questions to ask to determine the best corporate card program for your company. As a bonus, we’ve compiled a chart showing how several modern corporate card issuers stack up when it comes to software enablement.

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Conclusion: Control two steps before and after spend.

With software-enabled corporate cards, your company can control what happens two steps before and two steps after spend occurs.

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