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Last updated Jan 12, 2024

The insider’s guide to Sage Transform.

Written by Team Airbase
5 minute read
Insider's Guide to Sage Transform 2024

Sage Transform is a fantastic opportunity to transform finance in your organization, with a packed agenda of educational events, inspiring talks, and networking opportunities.

With so much going on, you’ll want to do a bit of reconnaissance before you go to get maximum value from your conference pass. You also don’t want to burn out, so you need to focus on the best events to meet your goals.

This guide is designed to help you expertly navigate your way — whether it’s your first time or tenth time.

Airbase proudly partners with Sage Intacct. Plenty of Airbase team members have in-depth Sage and Transform experience, so we’re sharing their top takeaways. We’re here to help you get more from Transform.

For Partners:

Where to be:

Partner Day: Partner Day runs from Mon, Feb 26, 1:00 pm through to noon on Tue, Feb 27. This is a great opportunity to meet new partners, reconnect with returning partners, and get the low-down on what’s coming down the pike.

Partner parties and events:

A guaranteed Partner Day highlight is the Partner Reception on Monday night — a great opportunity to unwind and celebrate with like-minded conference goers.

Partners of all kinds throw extravagant parties every year but you won’t want to miss Avalara and VersaPay’s after-party.

Where to book meetings:

Meetings at Transform: Schedule meetings at the booth or pick a dedicated meeting spot inside or just outside the expo center. There are a lot of restaurants within the MGM Grand, so you can also chat over lunch without losing time in transit.

MGM Grand Floor Plan

Meetings nearby: A block in Vegas can be half a mile and can take 20-30 minutes each way. If you are booking a meeting beyond the expo center — like over lunch or coffee — it’s a good idea to double-check the distance to the conference and make sure it’s workable.

Also note that the MGM Grand is a massive venue, with two large hotel towers, so even meetings at the conference venue may involve some walking!

When it comes to meetings — plan ahead! People’s schedules fill up fast. Make the most of Transform and schedule as many meetings as possible at least three weeks in advance. To be even more efficient, plant the seed around a month ahead.

Who to pay attention to:

Competitors: Make sure to have a member of your team register for your key competitor speaking engagements. This will give you an opportunity to see how they are positioning themselves to prospects.

What to bring:

A business survival kit: It may seem obvious, but if you don’t actively remind yourself to bring the few objects listed here every day, you could be kicking yourself in a key networking moment.

  • A pen and paper
  • Your digital business card (think dot.cards)
  • Some digital resources on your business to share with prospects (e.g., a QR code to your product page)
  • Your business phone
  • Your schedule
  • Cell phone charger and battery bank
  • Water bottle
  • 5-hour energy or electrolyte packs to put in your water. You want to stay energized and hydrated
  • Some mints (often given away by a couple of vendors)

In terms of attire…

Business casual all the way, with an emphasis on business-stylish comfort. Most importantly, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. The conference involves a lot of time on your feet, whether standing around or walking. You don’t want to find yourself unable to focus because of achy feet.

For Delegates:

Before you start…

Want to master Sage Intacct before the conference so you can ask the right questions? Sage hosts pre-conference training sessions from Feb 25-27. You could also earn CPE credits. There are two streams of sessions: Sage Intacct Fundamentals and Financial Reporting and Dashboards.

Which vendors to approach:

Research the solutions you want to investigate before you go. Check in with and research each solution that interests you before the conference. Many have booths where you can see a live demo.

Come prepared to ask questions and bring forward your current challenges. These vendors are there to help solve for your needs. At the same time, be quick to move on if they don’t have what you’re looking for.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get the elevator pitch from competitors that are on your radar too, all under one roof.

Bonus! Many vendors also hold happy hours, private dinners, and exclusive events. It pays to have that 1:1 time with a vendor — and to have fun while doing it!

How to start booking sessions and keynotes:

Keynotes: Don’t miss the keynote speakers!

Sessions: Make sure you comb through all the sessions to create your schedule!

Remember, rooms often reach capacity quickly. You don’t want to miss that important session that you need to report back to your team about.

Some great sessions take place right on the theater floor during lunch and receptions. Don’t miss Airbase’s session, It’s Time to Orchestrate Procurement — From Initial Request to Closing the Books.

Practical survival guide:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Yes, there are ample amounts of parties and happy hours to get your cocktail fix. But, this dehydrates you! With water coolers at every door, all you need is your own bottle to stay hydrated and fresh.
    Have a bedtime in mind and be strict about it: Vegas has all the fun activities, shows, blackjack tables, and concerts you could wish for. But, if you want to be the best version of yourself and get the most out of Sage Transform, make sure you’re getting ample amounts of sleep in between. Be FIRM on your bedtime. Your future self will thank you.
  • Take a break: Schedule them into your daily itinerary so you can be the best version of yourself. Don’t compromise on your downtime so you can remain present in meetings and awake during sessions. Overextending yourself could be counterproductive.
  • Bring energy drinks or pre-empt coffee fixes: Coffee won’t always be available. Make sure to grab yours early or have an alternative energy fix for those moments in between.
  • Pro tip: Bring electrolyte powder packs to save room in your backpack.

Fun events not to be missed and other places to eat and drink.

Companies go to great lengths to host fun private events and great dinners. If you’re invited to one, it’s worth considering it for your schedule. Bear in mind that you can typically get two events in each evening, for example, an early dinner and an after-party. These private events do fill up.

Some events not to be missed:

Welcome reception: Look out for a complimentary drink from Airbase! This fine wine will help you start Transform on a smooth note.

Airbase’s virtual photo booth: Take the perfect souvenir shot at Airbase’s virtual photo booth. Look for us on the conference floor on Wednesday!

Where to eat and drink:

Restaurants Walking distance from conference center
Best Friend 10 minutes
Hakkasan 1 minute
Grand Wok Noodle Bar 1 minute
Nellie’s Southern Kitchen 1 minute
Drinks Walking distance from conference center
The Chandelier Bar 7 minutes
Waldorf Astoria Hotel Bar 9 minutes
Tap Sports Bar 1 minute
Centrifuge 1 minute
Coffee Walking distance from conference center
Starbucks — you can even order ahead of time! The MGM Grand has 3!
Hello Kitty Cafe 7 minutes
Avenue Cafe 1 minute

Enjoy, and from everyone here at Airbase, we wish you all the best at Sage Transform!

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