Purchase Orders

Advanced PO support to make your AP easier.

Create purchase orders in Airbase.

Airbase platform is a full accounts payable solution including support for invoiced payments that use a purchase order.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages
Easy flows to request a purchase order.

Request a Purchase Order.

Requesting a PO follows the same process as Airbase’s other expense request workflows. The request is routed to the appropriate approvers, based on company policies. A consistent routine for all spend requests, where approvals are captured and recorded, makes all spending easier for those involved in the process. Visibility into this request helps to eliminate any surprises that might be outside of budget.

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Creating a bill and matching against POs.

Create a bill from an invoice and match to a PO.

Easily attach an invoice to the transaction record, and our OCR technology will capture the transaction details.

Once an invoice is uploaded, you can create a bill from it that can be matched against the PO.

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See all your purchase orders in one place.

All documents and contracts in one place.

Airbase provides a transaction file from the moment a request for a PO is made, and all documents and contracts are filed for easy retrieval. Let Airbase replace the files, folders and desk drawers you currently use to track documents and contracts.

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Tracking of open POs.

Purchase orders are integrated into your spend management system.

Tracking open POs has never been easier. Replace manually updated spreadsheets with Airbase’s open purchase order report.

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Lisa Slater, VP Finance at Eko Health
“I needed to pull in Expensify, Brex, and Bill.com and bring it into one place so that, instead of going to disparate platforms, I could see what was happening in one platform.”
Lisa Slater
VP Finance at Eko Health

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