Twenty-minute tales from the front lines of finance.

How to streamline the 4 operational areas of a fast growing company.

1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT, Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Meir Rotenberg is a highly experienced finance and operations executive with a deep focus on SaaS companies and especially leading startups to success. He is currently leading Revenue Operations and Financial Operations for Spiff.

About this talk.


Finance and accounting sit at the crossroads of FinOps, HROps, RevOps, and SalesOps. Building operational efficiency for all of these areas requires the participation of cross-departmental teams, including systems integrations and workflow syncing. Our guest will discuss the process of building out an operational infrastructure for a fast growing company. The talk will focus primarily on the various software tools that are used to achieve desired efficiencies through automation. We will also look at the criteria for deciding which tech stack will provide the best outputs to drive business objectives. Meir will draw on his experience in finance and his background as an engineer to discuss how systems can best address operational challenges of companies like his that are on a rapid growth trajectory.

Three tips and tricks.

  • Success criteria for the adoption of any system.
  • What it means to think like a systems person.
  • How to get company-wide buy-in for restructuring operations and the new tools it brings.


Meir Rotenberg

Meir Rotenberg is Director of Operations at Spiff.  In his current role, Meir is focused on systems building around Revenue and Financial Operations. Meir is a highly experienced executive with a deep focus on SaaS companies and especially with leading startup success. He has previously lead finance, accounting, and operations functions. As an engineer, Meir approaches operations with a clear understanding of how software systems can elevate the performance of a company.

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