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Airbase spend management: manage expenses together with all types of spend.

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Airbase spend management: manage expenses together with all types of spend.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

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Get Airbase Essentials (Free).

Airbase spend management: manage expenses together with all types of spend.

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Bill Payments.

Replace Concur with a modern solution. Capture invoices, create bills, manage POs, automate amortizations, schedule/send payments, auto-categorize, and sync with your GL. Pay invoices with any payment type (cards, checks, ACH, vendor credits, international wires) all from one convenient dashboard.

Screenshot of the Airbase Bill Payments product.

Corporate Cards.

Airbase physical or virtual corporate cards offer cash back on all purchases. Set transactions to automatically sync to your GL, and set spending parameters for cards.

Product screenshot of corporate cards product inside the Airbase platform.


Automate employee expense reimbursements with pre-set rules. Requests are routed to the right approvers, and payment is automatically made when approved and receipt upload is verified. Whether payment is T&E, or any other purpose, Airbase is the consolidated consistent solution employees love.

Screenshot of the reimbursement product in the Airbase platform.

Real-time Reporting.

View spend by department, employee, team, or vendor in real time. See company spend as it happens.
Product screenshot of the real time reporting offered in Airbase.

Accounting Automation.

Close faster and reduce errors. Free up finance teams to focus on work that matters. Automate approvals, documentation creation, reconciliations, categorizations, syncing to the GL, and more.
Product screenshot displaying the automated accounting functionality in Airbase.

Approval Workflows.

Use rule-based expense policies to customize approval workflows. Once set, requests are automatically routed to the right approver(s) in the mobile app, on Slack, and in email, for rapid turnaround.
Product screenshot displaying the approval workflows within Airbase.

The one solution for all company spend.

Airbase combines bill payments, corporate cards, and reimbursements onto a single platform with approval workflows, accounting automation, and reporting. Expenses impact almost everyone in a company — make it a better experience for them all.

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Airbase integrates with your accounting software.

Learn more about general ledger integrations:

Interview series:

Path to Becoming a CFO.

The Airbase “Path to Becoming a CFO” monthly interview features top CFOs, board members, and executive recruiters.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Full spend management platform vs
expense management product.

Airbase is the only full spend management platform that scales from small business to public company. View pricing.

Product / Feature
Corporate Cards
Cash back on corporate cards: Pre-funded card program
Cash back on corporate cards: Charge card program
Physical cards for offline spend
Virtual cards (pre-approval and spend controls)
Delegation support for executives
Automated straight-line amortization for prepaids
Receipt compliance & inbox for receipt management
Bill Payments
Basic bill payments (invoice ingestion, bill creation and payment)
International payments (200+ countries & 145+ currencies)
PO module
Vendor credits, PO matching, vendor context
Payment runs, recurring payments, amortizations
Vendor / supplier portal for self-onboarding
Basic reimbursement workflows
Mileage reimbursements
Custom policies and rules
Delegation support for executives
Receipt inbox for receipt management
Reimbursement request & approval workflows on mobile app
Instant OCR receipt scanning
Request / Approval Workflows
Pre-approval workflow for virtual cards
Slack integration
Advanced approvals – rule-based policy engine
Physical card approval workflows
Team and individual reporting
Departmental reporting
Real-time reporting for all non-payroll spend
Open PO reporting for accrual workflows
Advanced Features
Okta and OneLogin: SSO and SCIM support
Mobile app for all relevant workflows (iOS / Android)
Multi-subsidiary support
GL custom fields & custom segments integration (NetSuite)
NetSuite native amortization
Approval groups

There’s a lot more.

Airbase deeply understands the needs of accountants and provides depth and breadth not found in competitors. This ensures that you never have to deal with change management as you grow — from idea to IPO, and beyond.

Corporate Cards

Bill Payments

Expense Reimbursements

Request and Approval Workflows


Multi-Subsidiary, Multi-Currency Support

Accounting Policies

Mobile App

Tax Compliance

Security and Compliance

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.
G2 5/5

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*1% Cash Back: for any month where domain spend on the Expensify Card exceeds $25,000 USD. 2% Cash Back: for any month where domain spends on the Expensify Card exceeds $250,000 USD and where all of that spend is on a paid membership (Collect or Control Plans)

Information contained on this page is based on publicly available documentation as of October 5, 2021. Features may be referred to differently by different vendors which may cloud direct comparisons. Products and features are continually being updated and we will make an effort to update the information in this document to reflect those changes. Please contact to suggest corrections.

*Cashback rate offered on Airbase charge cards may vary based upon the Secured Overnight Financing Rates published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or any such similar benchmark rates. Additional terms apply.