Virtual Cards

Fully leverage the power of virtual cards.

Airbase virtual cards are easy to use.

Not all virtual cards are created equal. Their value is in the design of their software that provides visibility, spend control, and accounting automation. Airbase virtual cards have the most advanced design available. Get the card that communicates directly to your GL and captures approval workflows.

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David Coffman, VP of Finance at Doximity
David Coffman
VP of Finance at Doximity
Virtual Cards have eliminated Doximity’s operational problems: Airbase’s lightweight pre-approvals keep us in the loop of every dollar before it leaves the bank.
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

One-time and recurring — the value of vendor-specific cards.

Request spend.

Airbase virtual cards come with approval workflows.

Whether a virtual card is created for one-time use, recurring payments, or bill payments, employees can easily and quickly request approval for each purchase. The platform will route the request-for-approval per the policies that your company has established.

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View transactions.

Airbase virtual card transactions can be viewed anytime.

The value of a vendor-specific card goes beyond the visibility and control it provides — transactions can be automatically synced to the GL. Keep your books current with card spend flowing directly to the GL for a better view of your business any day of the month.

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Airbase virtual cards can be configured with control settings.

Set controls and limits on each card.

Additional settings allow for spending limits, number of transactions, and expiration dates on each card. Expiration dates are helpful to guard against unwanted recurring charges, and our ‘pending lock’ feature can be used to notify you of expiring subscriptions.

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Automated accounting.

Airbase virtual cards automate accounting entries.

Eliminate manual coding and save time with rules-based accounting automation. Automatically code and record card transactions to QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage Intacct, or Oracle NetSuite.

Virtual card transactions flow directly to the GL so that you’ll never have to reconcile credit card statements again.

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Airbase virtual cards compile an audit trail with each action.

All documents and contracts in one place.

When approvals, payment terms, receipts, and contracts are all captured to the specific transaction file, you’ll never have to search through email chains, Slack channels, Google forms, or expense reports again to find the documentation you need.

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Real-time reporting of all spend.

Airbase virtual cards come with real-time reporting.

With spend flowing directly into the GL, you'll have access to card spend in real time. View by department, spend owner, vendor, or any tag used in your GL to get a clear view of your spending any day of the month. Because Airbase is a consolidated card and full AP platform, it reports total expenses so that budgets can be better managed.

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Get control, visibility, and cashback.

Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are approved before employees make card purchases.

Give every card a budget.

Set spend limits for each card via software to prevent overspending and unauthorized vendor charges.

Simple receipt capture.

Employees using the physical card can upload receipts via mobile app, and virtual card users can attach receipts to each transaction.

Generous cashback.       

Earn cashback for your company on all physical and virtual card purchases.

Yatin Mody, Head of Finance at Postman
“Virtual cards were the selling proposition that made us jump into Airbase. We have never had any Airbase card get compromised. In the event that one could become compromised, only the single virtual card would be affected, unlike before.”
Yatin Mody
Head of Finance at Postman

The 4 pillars of spend management.

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