Subsidiary and multi-currency support

Multiple subsidiaries shouldn’t mean multiple systems.

Whether your subsidiaries are domestic or international, Airbase automates the workflows from approvals to accounting and reporting for NetSuite users. The platform also handles foreign currency payments to manage all of your global spend.

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Eoin Hession
Controller at Recharge
The new International vendor payments feature eliminates the need to manually pay international vendors, driving significant efficiency gains in treasury and accounts payable. The feature is elegant in design and seamless to use. Bravo Airbase!
Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Global teams. Global spend management.

The transaction dashboard shows total spend as well as pending and declined transactions.

As companies build global teams and the legal entities to support them, the need for consistent systems that can easily handle the spending needs of those remote employees is essential.

Airbase empowers teams anywhere in the world to spend the money they need with automated approval workflows, payment capabilities, and automated accounting to keep subsidiary operations running smoothly.

Airbase is the only spend management solution for small to mid-market companies offering global foreign currency payments and multi-subsidiary support.

Product screenshot showing how to view transactions with missing receipts.

A single solution for global businesses.

Airbase does the job of the many point solutions commonly relied on to pay vendors, manage card spending, reimburse employees, and more. But, because Airbase does it all, Airbase does it better. When used with NetSuite, it standardizes practices across all subsidiaries, eliminates reconciliations, creates a complete audit trail, and forms a single source of truth for all company spend no matter where it is being done.

Advanced approval workflows at the subsidiary level.

Our Advanced Approvals module provides even greater customizations for more complex needs. Easily create custom rules and automatically route approvals to one or more approver, in any sequence, to match your policy. Build in flows that span departments, spend type, or GL categories. Create contingency flows that automatically shift to next-in-line to keep your business moving when decision-makers are unavailable.

Product screenshot showing how to view transactions with missing receipts.

International vendor payments.

Airbase provides international payment support with an easy-to-use foreign currency payment function that is low cost compared to bank wires. Make payments from your subsidiary’s bank account, and automatically book transaction details easily and accurately to the subsidiary’s GL. Let Airbase handle currency conversions and grow your business into new frontiers without fear of complication.

Real-time reporting of your global spend.

Report and analyze your spend at the parent or subsidiary level, and view all spending by department. With spend flowing directly into NetSuite, get access to global spend in real time. View by department, by spend owner, or by vendor to get a clear view of your global spending.

Global control, visibility, and ease.

Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are pre-approved before employees make purchases.

Give every card a budget.

Set flexible spend limits to prevent overspending or to provide stipends on any timeframe.

Customize spend policies.

Use settings to establish approval workflows that reflect your company’s policies. Establish who should approve what type and amount of expenditures.

Provide visibility.

Give every manager access to real-time spend for their department. Alerts let users know when a spend is a possible duplicate.

Learn how multi-subsidiary, multi-currency support for your company's spend can help your company grow without friction.

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