Transparency: the condition of being clear.

A clear, 360-degree view of spending by all stakeholders, any day of the month, can transform your business. Airbase provides a full audit trail for all aspects of non-payroll spend.

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Visibility into spend.

Capture approvals.

Airbase spend management provides visibility into approvals for spend.

Pre-approvals for purchases are built into the system. Whether their team is working remotely or on the go, managers receive requests for spending before it happens. This provides visibility in real time, how and where their budget is being spent.

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A full audit trail.

Airbase provides a full audit trail of spending.

One consistent record of truth for all relevant information relating to a purchase — requests/approvals, categorizations, tags, contracts, receipts, tax documents, and email correspondence.

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Airbase provides visibility with real-time reporting.

A clear view with real-time reporting and audit trail.

Waiting to review numbers until after month-end close disadvantages decision makers. When all non-payroll spend, is captured in real time in one system, managers and employees can get a clear view of their actual spending any day of the month.

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Alerts to bring critical information to light.

Airbase provides visibility with alerts to risks that you need to be aware of.

The system will alert users when they make a request for a service that the company already pays for. This can help avoid duplicate spending or prompt a manager to seek a bulk discount.

Airbase also sends alerts to physical card holders when possible fraudulent transactions are attempted.

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Airbase provides visibility into categories and tags.

Visibility into categorizations and tags.

Categories and tags are identified upfront during the request/approval flow. This gives managers and employees an opportunity to review them to make sure they are correct before a purchase is made. This visibility is particularly helpful to eliminate time consuming errors that can delay month-end closes.

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Transparency leads to accountability.

Airbase provides visibility into spend by all managers and employees so that there is accountability.

Build a healthy spend culture where employees are automatically routed to the right approvers based on your company’s policies. With approval workflows that are seamlessly integrated into Slack and email, teams can be productive when on-the-go or working remotely.

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“Airbase has given us more control over our spend. The visibility it gives the entire team and managers into what their employees are spending is the best I've seen of any competitor.”
Jason Lopez
Controller at Lattice

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