Spend Controls

Spend Controls

Empower your team to spend easily, so business runs smoothly.

Airbase spend controls are easy to use.

High-performing teams need to put the company’s money to work to be successful. Managers need visibility and control for budget discipline. Time to square that circle.

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Jason Lopez, Controller at Lattice
Jason Lopez
Controller at Lattice
Airbase has given us more control over our spend. The visibility it gives the entire team and managers into what their employees are spending is the best I’ve seen of any competitor.
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Customize to reflect your expense policies.

Airbase spend controls let you configure with your company's spend policies.

Set the approval policies that work for your company. For virtual cards and purchase requests, they’re set upfront company-wide, and can be specific to a department, spend threshold, or expense category. Select the manager(s) that must approve for each of the rules you’ve created. For physical cards, admins set a spending limit on the card.

You can even control spending by placing limits on both time (set an expiration date) and the amount on cards.

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Custom setting for complex needs.

Develop custom approval workflows that reflect your company’s unique policies including contingent routing options. Set rules based on location, vendor, categories, departments, and more, to accommodate the complexity of your organization.

Custom approval workflows.

Need software spend from Marketing to be approved by IT? Not a problem.

Create approval groups.

Approval groups allow your teams to get spend approvals from any member of a group, fast. Your teams will spend less time waiting, and more time being productive.

Airbase spend controls include pre-approvals for card spend.

Pre-approve every spend.

When using virtual cards and making a purchase with a PO, or a simple invoice, you can rest assured that every purchase is pre-approved. Requests for approvals are automatically routed to the required approver(s) via email and Slack to allow for rapid turn around. The Airbase mobile app allows your teams to get the approvals they need while on the go.

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Consistent approval process

A consistent approval process for virtual cards and POs/invoices.

Airbase spend controls follow the same process to request spend for card and invoiced purchases.

Your high-performing teams will use one consistent workflow to request payment for the resources they need, whether it’s a virtual card for a subscription service, an invoice for an independent contractor, or a purchase order for equipment. And, they won’t have to guess who is supposed to provide approval.

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Airbase spend controls includes alerts to help manage risk.
Visibility and alerts

Get visibility and alerts.

Airbase allows managers to see in real time what is being spent by their teams without having to ask for interim reports. In addition to this on-demand visibility, the system provides alerts if a request is made for a service that the company already pays for. This is one way Airbase helps you save on wasted spending, by avoiding duplicate charges, or by getting the information needed to negotiate bulk discounts.

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Control, visibility, and ease.

Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are pre-approved before employees make purchases, including on cards.

Give every card a budget.

Set spend limits for each card via software to prevent overspending and unauthorized vendor charges.

Customize with your spend policies.

Use settings to establish approval workflows that reflect your company’s policies. Establish who should approve what type and amount of expenditures.

Provide visibility.            

Give every manager access to real-time spend for their department. Alerts let users know when a spend is a possible duplicate.

Dmitri Litin, Controller at Aspire IQ
“Our biggest challenges in regards to controlling our expenses in the past were around the approval workflows. With Airbase, we were able to establish a clear, repetitive, and consistent approval process. Because everyone is on Airbase and managers approve their teams’ costs, there is clear visibility and responsibility for spend.”
Dmitri Litin
Controller at AspireIQ

The 4 pillars of spend management.

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