Sync all your purchase transactions to Xero in real time for better reporting and a faster month-end close.

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Your team spends hours manually reconciling, coding, and posting transactions to your GL, which is both time consuming and prone to errors. Month-end close is often delayed, restatements are common, and your business is often left waiting for financial results.

Airbase’s first-of-its-kind spend management platform solves this problem.

With our Xero integration, closing the books is fast. Reconcile and automate your month-end close process by syncing transactions directly into your Xero GL throughout the period. Whether bill payments, virtual cards, corporate cards, purchase orders, or personal expense reimbursements, continual syncing to the GL means you won’t be scrambling at month-end to pull together the numbers for leadership.

Benefits of the Airbase Xero integration:

Shorten your month-end close by handling all AP from one platform that automatically syncs transactions to your GL in real time, including refunds from vendors and cash back generated from virtual cards.
Boost efficiency by using reports built on real-time data and optionally generating amortization schedules.
Save time and minimize errors by reducing the need for manual data entry, spreadsheets, expense reports, reconciliations, and multiple AP tools.
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How it works:

Airbase syncs all of your spend to your GL in real time.

3 easy steps to integrate Airbase and Xero:

  1. Connect your Airbase and Xero accounts with our native integration.
  2. Set up accounting and GL syncing rules for your Airbase bill payments, corporate cards, and reimbursements. Airbase auto-populates the appropriate GL accounts for each transaction for your review.
  3. As transactions get approved, Airbase automatically syncs the transactions to Xero and keeps an audit trail of all the supporting documentation.

Use case example:

Your company paid a Staples transactions with one of Airbase’s virtual cards (to get cash back from the expense). When the payment is scheduled, a ledger entry is automatically made in Airbase with details populated from preset rules specific to that card. This entry is synced to Xero with the push of a button.

Screenshot Xero integration use case
We used to download all transactions from our five AMEX cards into Xero, spending close to a full day ensuring they were assigned to the proper GL accounts and departments. With Airbase, that process is no longer required — each transaction is automatically put into the right bucket. It’s almost like a fire-and-forget solution.
JD Higginbotham

Controller, Ridecell

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