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Spend Management Platform

Airbase Premium.

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Premium package

Your growing company is experiencing the multiplier effect of increasing numbers of employees spending company money, and an expansion of vendors that accounts payable teams must manage. The Airbase Premium package provides expanded capacity and additional automation so you can keep pace. With Airbase, build the operational muscle your company needs to continue its growth.

Airbase is the only spend management platform that truly delivers on the promise of consolidating and automating all non-payroll spend. It’s the solution that finance and accounting teams turn to for supporting growth at all stages.


Automate manual processes and consolidate all non-payroll spend.


Support your growing business with complete spend management plus broader AP automation.


Deeper, customizable AP automation processes for complex operations and high transaction volumes.

Get all the benefits of a platform solution with Airbase Premium.


  • Achieve consistent, easy visibility into all non-payroll spend.
  • Optimize AP for cash back, and reduce processing costs with a single command and control center.
  • Ensure expense policy compliance without asking colleagues to police each other.
  • Automatically route requests for spend or reimbursement to approvers responsible for the budget.
  • Retrieve documentation easily for audits or other needs.
  • Free up valuable time and eliminate errors with automated bill creation, categorization, payment scheduling, accruals, and amortizations.
  • Close books faster and access real-time data for better decision-making.
  • Promote a healthy spend culture and better budget management.
Premium package

Specifics of the Premium package include:

Base Platform
Integration with GL of choice: NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks Online, Xero
Microsoft, Google, Okta and OneLogin Single Sign-On
  • Flexible, customizable spend control workflows
  • Full accounting automation with your GL
  • Cash back on card purchases
  • Real-time reporting and visibility
  • Full audit trail of actions and supporting documents
  • Access via web, mobile app, email, and Slack
Bill Payments
100 domestic bills/month before transaction fees (option to increase number of bills per month)
  • Simple and powerful bill payments and vendor management
  • Smart invoice ingestion via dedicated inbox & OCR
  • Auto-categorization
  • Payment scheduling
  • Domestic & international payment support
  • Multiple payment types: ACH, check, vendor credit, virtual cards with cash back, international wire transfer
Corporate Cards
Very generous cash back on eligible spend
  • Software controlled physical and virtual cards
  • One-time, recurring, vendor-specific virtual cards
  • Auto card lock settings, fraud detection
  • Auto-categorization
  • Subscription management & duplicate spend alerts
  • Receipt compliance controls
Included for all provisioned users
  • Fast and efficient employee expense reimbursement
  • Clear warning and blocking policies
  • Real-time reimbursement requests
  • Receipt compliance settings
  • Simple receipt upload
  • Real-time status visibility
  • Automated rapid payments
Straight-line Amortization
Supported across all GLs
  • Automated or manual setting of contract start and end dates
  • Automatic journal entries to the selected prepaid account, sync to GL
NetSuite Native Amortization
  • Airbase amortization managed by NetSuite native amortization templates
  • Automated monthly journal entry creation
Advanced User Management with HR integration
  • Automated employee provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Sync employee details into Airbase from Okta, Rippling, Gusto, or BambooHR

Optional add-ons:

Purchase Orders
  • Create, review, approve, and share purchase orders with vendors
  • Customized approvals based on departments, spend limits, and more
  • PO to bill matching, with direct sync to GL
Subsidiary Support
  • Support for those companies who use NetSuite and have subsidiaries. Contact Airbase for more information.

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Yatin Mody, Head of Finance at Postman