The Ultimate Guide to Your First 90 Days for Startup Finance Leaders

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Finance leader framework

Finance managers joining startups as the first full-time finance leader find themselves in a unique situation. Your title may say “Head of Finance” or “VP of Finance” but, as the sole finance person or leader of a very small team, your responsibilities cover everything that touches finance and accounting. 

Nadia Asoyan, CFO at Step and former Head of Finance and Strategy at Robinhood, was also there during the early days at Square and part of the finance team who brought that company to an IPO. She understands the challenges facing the first in-house finance leader at a startup.  

Here is her 0-90 day framework designed to help the first finance leader at an early-stage startup.


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What you’ll learn.

  • How to gain an understanding of the business in the first 30 days.
  • How to build relationships and become a strategic partner.
  • How to prioritize accounting and finance operations.

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