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NetSuite migration overview and project plan.

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All plans need a good map.

Whether you’re migrating to NetSuite because you’ve outgrown your accounting software, your company is restructuring, or you’re simply trying to future-proof your operations, you’ll need to find your bearings. We’re here to help you get started with our migration overview and its accompanying interactive project plan. These serve as an overview of the steps and decisions involved in making the transition. In them you will find:

  • Questions to ask before the migration process. 
  • How to pick an ideal date for migration. 
  • Considerations for restructuring your chart of accounts. 
  • How to define roles and expense policies. 
  • What you can do to prepare for NetSuite implementation consultants. 

Switching to a new GL is a big undertaking for a company, but, ultimately, NetSuite will provide a system that serves a broad range of your finance and accounting needs. We believe our plan will help you organize the process to most efficiently achieve this.

Read the NetSuite migration overview.


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What you’ll learn.

  • The steps and timeframes involved in a migration to NetSuite.
  • Specific milestones to orient the project.
  • Tips to help keep the project manageable.

Read the NetSuite migration overview.


Create your own plan with our interactive project plan template.