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Consolidate your business processes and spend approvals in one system.

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Drive efficiency and compliance company-wide. Easily customize your spend request forms to capture the information required by IT, legal, finance, and other business groups.
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Create dynamic and flexible forms.

Larger companies have complex processes for managing spend. Airbase makes it easy for your teams to collaborate on spend requests and approvals in one system — helping you enforce compliance, save time, and reduce manual work. Create custom sections, fields, and conditions to your spend request forms to mimic your company’s unique spend approval workflow.
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Enforce legal and IT policies with ease.

Your teams may require different information depending on the spend type, amount, GL category, vendor type, or department. Avoid emails, Slack, spreadsheets, and Google forms and instead directly capture the information you need in one system — saving you time and reducing manual work.

Reduce risk by capturing all spend information up front.

Don’t get caught without evidence. All supporting documentation and approvals are captured with your custom-built spend request forms on Airbase, helping you keep an airtight record of all information used in decision-making.
Capture all documents
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Empower employees to spend with confidence.

Creating a spend request doesn’t have to be overwhelming for employees. Set up spend request forms that guide users to fill in the expected information and automatically loop in the right stakeholders.

Approval and oversight workflows.

Does your organization need to support more complex approval workflows? Do you need to add other stakeholders for transaction oversight and review? If so, Airbase has you covered. Advanced approvals let you customize rules for your most complex approval policies. Use Workflow Builder to add fields to spend request forms and capture information required by other business units like IT, legal, or finance.

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Boost compliance and efficiency across all business groups.

Complete audit trail.

Reduce risk by capturing all spend information and workflows in one system to ensure compliance.

Enforce legal and security reviews.

Accommodate the unique requirements of internal teams with flexible, automated workflows.

Increase efficiency.

Eliminate stitched-together tools and manual processes that slow down your spend approval process.

Guide employees.

Empower employees to spend faster while remaining compliant with one clear and consistent workflow.