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Airbase spend management platform helps control costs by providing real-time visibility and control over non-payroll spending.  

Companies with 11 - 50 employees spending $10,000 to $25,000 per month on corporate cards:

  • Use of the platform* completely free. 
  • Receive up to 1.25% cashback on Airbase card spending.
  • Replace corporate cards, Expensify, and Bill.com.
  • Streamlined and automated workflows result in faster month-end close.
  • Actively control costs with built-in pre-approvals.

*See list below for the features included in our free version.

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Trusted by controllers and finance teams
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Airbase is the one-platform solution to automate approvals, payments, syncing to the general ledger, and reporting.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited virtual payment cards with up to 1.25% cashback
  • 5 free physical payment cards
  • Between $120,000 to $300,000 per year card spend
  • Up to 25 bill payments per month (ACH or check)
  • Expense pre-approval system
  • Customizable expense approval policies
  • Automatically record transactions in GL
  • Automatic pre-payment amortization
  • Customizable accounting policies
  • Role-based access control
  • Historic transaction data import
  • Quick-start onboarding
  • Software integrations: QuickBooks Online, Xero
  • Email support

Airbase integrates with your accounting software

"Having Airbase is like having extra accounting staff. I’ve been doing accounting for a long time and I’m amazed at how much my small team can get done with Airbase."
Diana Ngo
Director of Finance at YourMechanic
“The team’s really happy now that they don’t have to submit monthly expense reports, especially for recurring expenses. Now they can pay for something and stop worrying about it.”
Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity
“Compared to all of the other accounting tools we use, Airbase is the easiest to use hands down.”
JD Higginbotham
Controller at Ridecell
Of all the financial tools I’d used, Airbase quickly became the one I liked most because it just worked. The UI is clean and intuitive—that’s something you just don’t see in financial software.
Amer Ali
Head of Strategic Finance and Business Operations at Netlify
“We’re reporting on expenses without expense reports. My team is thrilled and our cardholders couldn’t be happier.”
David Coffman
Controller at Doximity

“The virtual cards from Airbase give me complete control and visibility over spending for each vendor without the effort of processing monthly invoices. And the automated recording of bills and payments to our general ledger has made our monthly close a lot easier.”

JD Higginbotham
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Are you ready to get visibility and control over your spend?