Bill Payments

The better way to manage and pay bills.

Create, approve, pay, and reconcile bills.

Process invoices.

Collect invoices via email, file upload, or through vendor portal.

Create bills.

Convert invoices into bills and route them to the appropriate approvers with approval workflows.

Approve bills.

Approve bills through the Airbase web application, over email, or through the Airbase mobile app.

Pay vendors.

Issue checks or ACH payments automatically or manually for more control once bills are approved.

Vendor management

Manage vendors

Manage all vendors in a single place. View payment history, store documents such as contracts and W9s, and create vendor credits.

Vendor portals

Give each vendor a custom portal where they can upload invoices, enter payment and contact information, and save tax documents.

Automate accounting

Automatically code and record transactions into QuickBooks Online, Xero, or NetSuite. Eliminate manual coding and save time with automatic ledger entry.

No matter how you pay your bills, there’s Airbase.

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